The Wellington Brand
Hunter Boots

  • The Essentials
  • UX
  • UI
  • User Research
  • Prototyping
  • A/B Testing
  • Social Proofing
  • eCommerce

Festival favourite Hunter Boots is a British footwear manufacturer famous for their Wellington Boots

I was placed in the eCommerce team working in conjunction with the branding & development teams to overhaul key sections & user journeys of the Hunter website.

These were not just from the eCommerce teams' hitlist of new features, but discovering issues from data gathered by user testing, heat mapping & user feedback.

Once features that needed work were detailed static mock-ups were created and then interactive prototypes were produced.

Clear communication channels and organised feedback in this project were key to finding the balance between the often opposing forces of eCommerce, Branding & Development teams.

A/B testing was carried out where we were improving key features such as PDP elements to ensure the designs had a positive impact

One of the core new features added was key & collect functionality and social proofing while existing key elements improvements were:

  • PLP
  • PDP
  • Mobile checkout
  • Site navigation
  • User accounts and RMA

Hunter Boots Screenshot 00
Links Of London  Screenshot 01
Hunter Boots Screenshot 02
Hunter Boots Screenshot 04
Hunter Boots Screenshot 05
Hunter Boots  Screenshot 06
Hunter Boots Screenshot 07

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